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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Some Questions to Ask God...

Hello, MAMA Church family!

As we explore – in our prayer times and quiet thoughts – whether to continue the ministry and work of MAMA Church, I’d like to share some thoughts and questions.  These are not intended to sway us one way or another.  They’re meant only to help us discern God’s will.  As I shared two Sundays ago, having put this in God’s hands I feel lighter and freer than I’ve felt in years!  I hope that’s how you’re feeling about this, too!  After all, there’s no better place to be!

It was a blessing for me to be able to go to Michigan last week.  Not only was I able to see family that I haven’t seen in more than two years, it was also an opportunity to spend 16 hours travelling and praying!  One of the things that came to the fore in my mind was something that surprised me: I’ve been engaged in parish and/or chaplaincy ministry for the equivalent of 33 years – eleven years at Springfield Presbyterian Church, twelve years at EKCC, and ten years at MAMA Church.  What’s more, I’ll be eligible to retire from EKCC in eight years.

For me, there are two ways to see that.  I could look at it as “I’ve done my time and I need to move on.”  Or, I could look at is “I need to make the most of next few years and give it all I’ve got.”  Even as I type these words a sense of wonder and openness to God’s leading is coming over me.  I can see how he might lead me to push on with things as they are, but I can also see how he might lead me to transition into the next phase of my ministry and life.  I have many open-ended questions that I have laid before him, and I’m waiting to hear from him.

What about you?  In each our individual lives he wants to hear our open-ended questions – “Lord, what do you have in store for me?” “Lord, show me how I can serve you and your people more completely.”  “Lord, where am I not serving you as I should?”  “Lord, what transitions are you wanting me to make, and how am I helping/hindering that?”

What about us?  I really believe that MAMA Church is at a crossroads.  So what kind of open-ended questions is the Lord wanting us to focus on as a family?  They might look like these – “Lord, has your intention and anointing for MAMA Church come to an end?”  “Lord, is our way of thinking about ‘Church’ helping/hindering your mission for us?”  “Lord, where have we listened to you faithfully/unfaithfully?”  “Lord, what changes in our life together do you want us to undertake?”  “Lord, are you calling me/us to move on to other fellowships of believers?”

No matter what his answers to our open-ended questions, this is an exciting moment to live in.  He might lead us to stay together.  He might lead us to transform our ministry and mission.  He might lead us to disperse and join with other believers.  In spite of all the ‘mights’, we know this: Jesus loves us and will never forsake us.

God bless you as you pray and offer the Lord these open-ended questions!

Father Todd

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