Click on the picture for directions...

Click on the picture for directions...
We’re located at 408 Levee Road in Mount Sterling, across from the MCHS football stadium.

You can contact us at...

MAMA Church at Bethany House
PO Box 502
Mount Sterling, KY


Friday, November 6, 2020

No In-Person Mass...


Hello, MAMA Church family!!

Because Montgomery County is in the “Red” category for COVID-19 cases, we will not be celebrating “In-Person” Mass this Sunday.  Additionally, because Morgan County (where I serve as a full-time prison chaplain) is also in the “Red” category there is extra reason to take this precaution.  I do not want to be a danger to any of you.  You are precious to me!!

Video of Mass will be uploaded, hopefully, by Sunday afternoon!

Please pray that this spike in COVID-19 cases subsides and that our family, friends, and neighbors will be kept safe in the Lord’s hands!

God bless you!

Father Todd

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