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Friday, September 18, 2020

It’s Time to Return to Prayer…

This is some very good food for thought.  What catches my eye immediately is that it calls us to fit our lives into our faith, not our faith into our lives.  Powerful.

(By the way, this is the vision of faith I was raised with - a vision of the faith handed down by Father John Wesley!)

Father Todd


Here are Dustin Messer’s thoughts about this picture and its implications for our lives…

I love this picture of John Wesley’s prayer room.

The early “Methodists” were called such because they followed a method, a way of life.  They could have been called “Rhythmists” or “Habitists”.  They didn't fit the faith into their lives, they fit their lives into the faith.  For them, discipleship was a holistic call on their very being, not something that could be compartmentalized or outsourced.

The Church of six months ago, by contrast, could be called “Programists”.  In his kindness, God is calling us back to an older, better way.  Today, we’re asking, “What does faith look like if we can’t go to events?”  Maybe at the end of this, we’ll look more like the Methodists of old as we trade in new programs for old habits?

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