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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

This Week at Bethany House...

Hello, Brothers and Sisters of Mary and Martha (and special friends, too)!

I apologize for the tardiness of this weekly update!  Things have been quite busy – especially at the prison and for the saddest of reasons.  If you would, please keep the men in your prayers – especially those who have had to receive news that’s caused them to grieve.

It was a joy to be with you on Sunday – whether in-person or virtually!!  I sensed again that what we’re receiving in and through Rod Dreher’s book “The Benedict Option” may be truly appointed for us (and the whole Church) at this time.  As he points out in Chapter Five, the Church really does need to become comfortable in her own skin!  We need to live unapologetically Christian lives.  We need to be the peculiar people, royal priesthood, and holy nation that Saint Peter talks about.

As we grow in our unique identity as Jesus-followers, the world around us will not only notice that we are “different”, they will want to know why and how!  And, the truth be told, that won’t be an easy path to follow.  Not only is the world around us no longer a Christian culture, the memory of its having been so is fading.

At our Thursday “Chapter Meeting” I’ll be laying out some of the ideas that Dreher offers on how to form and cultivate a distinctive Christian community within the Church.  Not only that, I’ve been trying to gather ideas from other sources, as well.

In the meantime, here are some videos that I pray will help us in our journey.  The first is last Sunday’s Sermon and Mass.  The second is a talk given by Esther de Waal at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London concerning the way (Rule) of Saint Benedict and how it’s impacted her life and relationship with Jesus.  The third is a video from Saint Meinrad Archabbey that focuses on how ordinary folks can live their lives in the way of Saint Benedict.  The fourth is from “Mother Miriam Live” and also deals with how ordinary folks can live in the way of Saint Benedict.  And, finally, I thought I’d throw in a “Hymn to Help Us Through”.

So, until Thursday evening…

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and for ever!  Amen!

Father Todd

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