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We’re located at 408 Levee Road in Mount Sterling, across from the MCHS football stadium.

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MAMA Church at Bethany House
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This Week at Bethany House...

Hello, dear Brothers and Sisters of Mary and Martha (and special friends, too)!

My heart is full to overflowing as I write this letter to you!  As I’ve shared in my preaching and teaching and conversations over the past few weeks, I sense that the Lord is renewing me as I pause in quietness throughout each day to hear him.  The pattern of daily prayer (morning, noon, evening, and compline) has made room for him to maneuver within me.  I’m hearing what I was missing before, and I’m responding – because of his grace – in ways that were once a struggle for me.

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave the vicarage and talking with the Lord (yes, the shower, among other ordinary places and activities, is a really great place for conversations with him!), he helped me find the words to express the growing desire of my heart: I want to live more deeply in the hidden life of continuous prayer.

I want to be more faithful in giving him the “tithe” of my time throughout each day (in the Morning, Noonday, Evening, and Compline Offices), but I also want to make more room (as I go about my daily routine) to let my mind wander to him and with him.  I want my hidden life of prayer to be where the “real me” is found.  In the words of Saint Paul, I want to “Set [my] mind on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.  For [I] have died, and [my] life is hidden with Christ in God.” (Colossians 3:2-3)

My continuous prayer for us as a community and for each of us individually is that we will come to the place of desiring nothing but Jesus.  My heart aches with yearning to see this realized in my own life.  It also aches to see MAMA Church live fully – even extravagantly – in that desire.  It is, after all, the monastic mission of “ora et labora” (prayer/study/worship and work/mission/outreach).  I can think of nothing more beautiful than individuals who are seeking Jesus with all their heart coming together in a community that provides them with the tools for spiritual growth and evangelism!

I’ve waited to send this letter because I wasn’t sure whether we might have to cancel Bible Study on Thursday evening.  If the weather forecasts hold, it looks like the snow will hit tonight and that those who are able can gather tomorrow evening as planned.  Even so, if that changes I’ll get word out as quickly as possible.  Check e-mail, Facebook, text messages before heading out for Bible study!

As we continue in our study of the life of Jesus, we’ll be looking at John 1:35-51.  This promises to be a wonderful time in which the Lord can reach into our lives and call us – just as he did Andrew and Simon, Philip and Nathanael!  Weather and road conditions permitting, we’ll gather tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 6:30pm.  Come and join us!

If you’d like a copy of this week’s “Our Life Together” just send an e-mail to the address listed above.  I pray that what’s contained in it is exactly what the Lord wants to provide for your needs this week.  May it be a blessing to you!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Father Todd

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The New Corpus...


The corpus for our Altar cross arrived!  Next step: Find someone with the expertise to help us properly attach it.

God is good!

This Week at Bethany House...

Hello, Companions of Mary and Martha (and special friends, too)!

One of the gifts that the Church gives her children is a way of marking time through the seasons, feasts, and fasts of the liturgical year.  Having celebrated the Feast of Our Lord’s Epiphany two Sundays ago and the Feast of Our Lord’s Baptism last Sunday, we now turn ourselves to an “Ordinary Time” (which we call Epiphanytide) in the liturgical year.  We move from the white/gold of Christmastide and the Feasts of Epiphanytide to green – a symbol of our growth in the faith.

I love this quiet time before the Feast of Our Lord’s Transfiguration (on the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Holy Lent).  It’s a time for us to delve into the early ministry of Jesus and to remind ourselves that his call to “come and see” is always fresh and new!  It’s also a time for us to be thinking about how we can likewise extend his invitation to those around us.  After all, every Christian is a missionary and there is no relationship or friendship that does not present the opportunity to thoughtfully share our faith – the hope of Jesus living in us!

This week we’ll continue our “Life of Jesus” Bible study (Thursday at 6:30pm) with Matthew 4:1-11 – the temptation of our Lord.  If you haven’t attended these Bible studies, allow me to share two things about them with you: 1. It’s very relaxed and interactive (we do lots of talking and sharing back-and-forth!); and, 2. Those participating have indicated that they are getting much from it.  By the way, it’s not a lecture format!  It’s all of us participating as we feel comfortable!

If you would like to receive an e-copy of this week’s “Our Life Together” just send us an e-mail (the address is listed above).  I pray that it will be a blessing to you and that it will help each of us to be in God’s Word daily.  May I also mention that I do pray over each of the paper copies that I print out and that I pray over this weekly e-mail before I send it out.  My prayer is that God’s people would hunger and thirst for his Word and for a deeper relationship with him.  I know that I’m not alone in fighting the daily battle to keep my focus on him and on his call to be with him.  I pray that the distractions in each of our lives would be relegated to the shadows and that his light would take center stage in our daily living!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Father Todd

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

This Week at Bethany House...

Hello, Brothers and Sisters of Mary and Martha (and special friends)!

I hope your week is going well!  I apologize for the tardiness in sending out this week’s note.  I’ve been feeling sick and doing a lot of sleeping.  Thankfully, I’m feeling better tonight!

I want to ask for your continuing prayers for Arlie Edward Centers.  He is still in ICU at Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington.  They are planning to bring him out of the drug-induced coma tomorrow.  Please pray that the seizures will stop and that he’ll get the help he needs to combat the root cause of the seizures.  I spoke with Bonnie this afternoon, and she shared that his vital signs are still good.

Don’t forget that we’ll be gathering for abbreviated Evening Prayer (bring your copy of OLT) and Bible study tomorrow (Thursday) night.  As we continue looking at the life of Jesus, we’ll be studying Luke 2:41-52.  Bring your favorite Bible, a pen, and some scribble paper!  We’ll begin abbreviated Evening Prayer on “the porch” at 6:30pm.

If you weren’t able to attend Mass on Sunday (the Feast of Our Lord’s Epiphany), here’s the link to video on our Youtube channel…

You can also watch just the sermon from Mass here...

Also, don’t forget that this coming Sunday is the Feast of Our Lord’s Baptism!  We’ll be renewing our Baptismal vows as we spend time with Jesus!

As always, this week’s edition of “Our Life Together” is attached below.  Don’t forget to offer Jesus the sacrifice of praise and prayer through the reading and contemplating of his Word and in the Daily Office!  Let’s never forget that he’s number one in our lives – all glory to him!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Father Todd

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

This Week at Bethany House...

Hello, Brothers and Sisters of Mary and Martha!

I offer you (continuing) Christmas blessings (the Twelfth Day of Christmas is this coming Saturday) and a very Happy New Year – not to mention a happy Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus (today)!  I certainly have been blessed by observing the Christmas Holy Days!  I’ve also had a wonderful time of retreat and prayer over the past week (I couldn’t go with Emily to Michigan because I was either working or on call at the prison).  And the blessing is about to increase for me: Deacon Emily is “winging” her way back to Kentucky as I write this!

It was so wonderful to be with you all at the Vigil Mass of Our Lord’s Nativity on Christmas Eve!  There was a beautiful spirit of quiet joy and, I suspect, a real sense of “all the busy-ness is finally done”!  One of the parishioners at a parish I once served often said, “It was good to be in the house of the Lord”.  While I believe that’s always the case, it felt particularly so on Christmas Eve.

Now, onto the week ahead!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening we’re re-starting the First Week Rosary Group!  Join us at 6:00pm in the Chapel of Saints Mary and Martha – our prayer intention for this month’s Rosary is the strengthening of parents, children, and grandparents (you can see what we’ll be praying on page 27 of this week’s “Our Life Together”).  If you’re coming and you have a copy of OLT from Sunday, don’t forget to bring it with you – we do have a few extra OLT’s in the narthex.

On Thursday evening we’ll be continuing our Life of Jesus Bible Study (we’re using the Serendipity Bible Study)!  Come and join us at 6:30pm – bring your Bible, a pen, a highlighter (if you use one), your copy of OLT, and a big appetite for growing closer to the Lord.  This week’s passage is Luke 2:21-40 (the presentation of Jesus in the Temple).  We look forward to seeing you and studying the Word with you!!

If you weren’t able to be at Mass last Sunday (the First Sunday of Christmastide), you can watch either the whole Liturgy or the sermon only by using the links here…

You can obtain an e-copy of “Our Life Together” by sending an e-mail to us (see the address above).  As always, let’s be in God’s Word as we seek to grow closer to him.  If I may be blunt, we can’t grow closer to him without listening to his heart each day.  And since the Bible is his revealed Word to us (completely without error and infallible in teaching us), it’s the best way listen to him!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Father Todd