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We’re located at 408 Levee Road in Mount Sterling, across from the MCHS football stadium.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This Week at Bethany House...

Hello MAMA Church Family and Prayer Partner Friends!

We've had quite a week as we've worshiped, received much-needed advice and tips about Children's Guardian Angels from some awesome professionals, and attempted to upgrade and update as we move forward!  I had the pleasure of meeting with Pastor Scott Holley (First Christian Church in Mount Sterling) and Sandy Romenesko (Executive Director of the Mt. Sterling-Montgomery County Industrial Authority and Chamber of Commerce).  They, along with our friend Debbie Helton, have been incredibly generous in sharing their experience and insight.

I'm happy to report that we met with three families on Tuesday evening (April 26) and that it looks like we'll be meeting with them again next Tuesday evening - along with an additional three families.  Nothing could've prepared us for what we heard tonight.  The struggle to keep things going for the "Guardian Angels" of children of parents dealing with addiction is so very real.

We know we've got our work cut out for us, but we also know who's leading us in this ministry!  In fact, we're in the initial stages of forming an Advisory Council for CGA - to help us find solutions and resources, and to be a sounding board and source of ideas.  More to follow on that, but it must be said that we've been highly encouraged by the advice we've received thus far and hope to receive much more of it!  (By the way, special thanks to Bonnie Centers for not being afraid to share what the Lord laid on her heart regarding CGA and the possibility of an Advisory Council!)

Below, you'll find the link to this week's sermon from Mass (April 24 - The Fifth Sunday of Easter).  The Lord really touched us as we examined how victory is obtained in the Christian life.  We read from Acts 13:42-52; Revelation 19:1-2a, 4-9; and John 13:31-35.  I hope you'll be blessed by what was shared in our midst!

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for this coming Tuesday evening and as we attend Synod for the Diocese of the Great Lakes!  We covet your prayers and we'd love to pray for you, too!

Yours in the love of Jesus!

Father Todd

At the Gospel Reading...

Have you ever wondered why we make a miniature sign of the cross over our forehead, mouth, and heart just before the reading of the Gospel during Mass?  Here's why!  (Pretty cool, eh?)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Word of Sharing...

Dear MAMA Church Family,

I've been doing something that has taken my heart into the very depths of God's love for us.  What's more, I've been taking you with me when I do it!  The result is simple, profound, and transformative.

I used to do it "just for me".  And that was good, but nothing like it's been over the past few weeks.  It used to provide me with some insights and consolation.  Now, over the past few weeks, it has enlivened my soul, jump-started my brain, re-invigorated my sermon preparation (and, I think, my preaching), and given me a new heart for evangelization.

So, what have I been doing - where have I been taking you?  I've been praying the Rosary, with the prayer intention that our life together as believers (and our lives lived separately through the week) will be transformed by the power and love of Jesus.  I've been sitting with the Blessed Mother before the cross of Jesus, asking her to pray with me for the deeper conversion of our souls.

What, exactly, has happened?  Pondering with her the mysteries of her Son's life, asking him to help us and spiritually grow us, has lit the flame of his love within me in a new and fresh way.  There's a revival of his Presence in my heart.  There's a renewed desire to approach him with the attitude of his Mother.  There's a re-kindled longing within me to share the Good News of the Gospel.

As the Church, we are each called to intercessory prayer - to pray for one another.  We are also called to make our prayer needs known to each other.  We are called to be prayer partners for others and to seek prayer partners who will pray for us - and, yes, that includes prayer partners in heaven!  After all, who is better able to be a prayer partner than those who stand in the Presence of Jesus and know everything?

Please know that I'm praying for you daily and that I'm taking you with me as the Blessed Mother and I sit before Jesus.  May the flame of his love invade your heart as it has mine!

Father Todd

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Highlights from the Third Week of Easter...

Hello, MAMA Church Family and Prayer-Partner Friends!

We're finally back up and running following the High Holy Days of Passiontide and Easter!  Were happy to share some wonderful news...

What a time we've had at Bethany House!  We got everything "gussied up" for the Children's Guardian Angels open house on Tuesday evening (including a whole lot of baking, sandwich making, and rearranging).  We were blessed to have some wonderful conversations with folks who are acting as Guardian Angels for grandchildren, and we were blessed to receive some wonderful advice from Debbie Helton - a dear friend in the Mount Sterling community!  Stay tuned for further updates, and please keep us in your prayers as we have our first CGA meeting at Bethany House next Tuesday.

As we continue in the Easter season (the fifty days from Easter Sunday to the Sunday of Pentecost), we're just basking in the Good News of Jesus' resurrection and how that "ripples" in our lives.  Here are the highlights from Sunday's Mass on the Third Sunday of Easter (April 10), beginning with the Scripture lessons and psalm, Fr. Todd's sermon, the Creed, Prayers of the People, and celebration of Holy Communion...

We have dedicated ourselves to Daily Prayer, including prayer concerns for those who ask.  If you would like to have your prayer concern added to our list, we'd be happy to pray for you!  Just send an e-mail to  We only use first names on our prayer list, and no names if you prefer.

Please keep us (especially Children's Guardian Angels) in your prayers!  The Lord is at work and we want to be faithful in following him!

Yours in the joy of our risen Lord,
Father Todd