Click on the picture for directions...

Click on the picture for directions...
We’re located at 408 Levee Road in Mount Sterling, across from the MCHS football stadium.

You can contact us at...

MAMA Church at Bethany House
PO Box 502
Mount Sterling, KY


Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Saints' and All Souls' Masses...

Please join us for two special Masses this week!

On Sunday, November 1, we will celebrate the Feast of All Saints (at 10:30am at Bethany House).  This special feast calls our attention to those whose lives and witnesses were extraordinary.  The Church points to their example of faithfulness to the Lord and calls us to imitate them.

On Thursday, November 5, we will commemorate All Souls' Day in a special Requiem Mass for the Faithful Departed (at 7:00pm - instead of the usual Evening Prayer and Bible Study).  This is a very special time of worship in which we commend the souls of the faithful departed to the love and mercy of Jesus, praying for the completion of their journey into the fullness of God's glory.

Please join us for these special times of worship, thanksgiving, prayer, and remembrance!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mass Cancelled...

I'm sorry to announce that I will not be able to celebrate Mass tomorrow morning (Sunday, October 25). I've been fighting this bug for a week now, and I just can't seem to get around it.

For your sake (and mine), Mass is cancelled for tomorrow. And, please, if you haven't already caught this flu/sinus bug, take every precaution to avoid it!

Father Todd

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Evening Prayer Cancelled...

Hello, all!

We will not be gathering for Evening Prayer and Bible Study on Thursday, October 22.  Your vicar is still dealing with the bug that's going around.

Hopefully, we'll be ready for Mass on Sunday!

Father Todd

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Holy Transformation...

If the Lord, working through his people, can effect a change like this in a building, just think what he can do in a person's heart.

Please pray with MAMA Church that many would come to a saving relationship with Jesus at Bethany House!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Wonderfully Full Day...

Thank you to our brothers and sisters from Saint Maximilian Kolbe Roman Catholic Church in West Chester, Ohio!!! Your hard word, devotion, and love has given MAMA Church at Bethany House a gift beyond comparison!

Thank you, Sue Brown for your devoted friendship, ability to make ideas become a reality, and constant good cheer!

Thank you, Glenmary Sisters for crossing "denominational lines" and helping your Anglican brothers and sisters!

And thank you, MAMA Church family! You've caught the vision the Lord is giving you, and you're not willing to let go of it - praise God! Here are the pictures from today's work at Bethany House...

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Nineteenth Sunday of Trinitytide...

Hello, MAMA Church Members and Friends!

What a wonderful time in the Lord we had this Sunday!  As we continue to seek his will for our Vocation and Mission as a community, he continues to move in our hearts.  The Lord is certainly faithful in moving within us and among us!

The new reality of MAMA Church at Bethany House will take a giant leap forward this coming weekend (October 16, 17, and 18) as our friends from Saint Maximilian Kolbe Roman Catholic Church in West Chester, Ohio will be helping us to paint and spruce up Bethany House!  Many thanks to Sue Brown (lay missioner with the Glenmary Sisters) and to our friends at Saint Max's Church (especially John and Nancy Prince)!  This means more to us than you can imagine!

If you would like to join us this Friday afternoon and Saturday (or if you'd like to donate materials and/or food items), please let Father Todd know via e-mail at or by calling 859-404-8374.

If you would like an e-copy of this week's "Our Life Together", please send us an e-mail at or call Father Todd at 859-404-8374 - we'd be glad to send you one!  If you'd like to add a prayer concern to our list (intercessory prayer is a major component of our Mission), please let us know.

God bless you!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Prayer for Bethany House...

Bless, O Lord, this House,
dedicated to the witness of
that home in Bethany
in which Mary and Martha
were called to love and serve you.
Like them, set us apart to the glory
of your great Name
and the benefit of your Holy Church;
and grant that your Name
may be worshiped among us
in truth and purity to all generations.
Give your grace and wisdom
to all who serve among us,
that they may exercise holy discipline,
and be themselves true patterns
of holiness, simplicity,
and self-denial.

Bless all who may worship here;
take from us all pride, vanity,
and self-conceit,
and give us true humility and
Enlighten our minds, subdue our
wills, purify our hearts,
and so penetrate us with your Spirit
and fill us with your love,
that we may go forth
animated with earnest zeal for your glory;
and may your ever-living Word
so dwell within our hearts,
that we may speak
with that resistless energy of love
which shall melt the hearts of sinners
to the love of you.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Praying for Saint Francis Mission...

Hey, MAMA Church! Let's join in prayer for Father John and Sylvia Harris and all the folks of Saint Francis Anglican Mission in Youngstown, Ohio!  Father John writes...

"Asking for prayers from our friends and family at St Francis Mission. We are seeking God's direction regarding a permanent site near the YSU campus. It's not about a nice place to have a worship service, but a central location to minister to a diverse population including students, downtown workers and residents, our homeless population, and all who are searching for the truth that only can be found in Jesus Christ. Please pray for God's will to be done and that we will be faithful servants. God is able to do more than we can ever imagine, if we just trust Him."

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Eighteenth Sunday of Trinitytide...

Hello, MAMA Church Members and Friends!

Sometimes our hearts are touched in ways that we never expect, in places that we never expect.  I (Father Todd) never expected to receive an insight into (and healing for) something that has plagued my emotional life for the Diocesan Synod to discern and select three candidates for bishop to send to the College of Bishops.  Yet, that's exactly what the Lord did!

This sermon (which I had already been working on before attending Synod), became not only a word from the Word for MAMA Church, but a very personal word from the Word for me.  I hope you'll find it to be a blessing (and challenge) for you in your life, too!

God bless you!